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    On-line library issues

    Try #3 first.

    #1 Symbian^3 API documentations are useless in the on-line library. Search for any well known Symbian C++ class, like RFs, CCoeControl, or less known, like TCourse, and click on the very first hit (the one without any comment - second, third hits usually have some addition "in Base E32", or something similar). The introductory bla-bla is probably there, but after that the rest of the page is an empty dump. First a short dump (single class member per line, doxygen-style "contents page"), then the detailed description comes, just the details are missing.

    #2 Why is it the first one in the list of hits?

    #3 Links work strange. Here is the link for CCoeControl http://library.forum.nokia.com/index...6EBE8C160.html click on it. Two things can happen:
    - if you have used the library recently, the page for CCoeControl opens
    - if you have not used the library, there will be a noticeable hesitation, and the library main page opens. In this case if you simply close it (assuming multiple tabs, so the browser itself is not closed), and try again, the referred page will appear.
    At least with IE8, Chrome and Opera.

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    Re: On-line library issues

    Hi wizard_hu,

    I download the libraries to my PC for offline reading, so it's safe to say that I haven't used the libraries online recently. I tried #3 as you suggested and it took me to the page for CCoeControl correctly. I also tried a search or two from the library (not just the S^3 library) and the results seem to be OK, but I performed only limited tests and all on IE8 under Vista 64.

    However, I did find one bug:

    In the online library, next to the search box, click on "Search scope:" link. This opens a second window where you can choose the entire library, or a subset. Select "Search only the following topics:" and then "New..." to define a set of topics which opens yet another window. In that window observe that the OK button is not enabled. Ostensibly choosing a topic should enable it. However that doesn't actually happen...I selected one, two, ... all topics and was never able to click OK. Only Cancel works.

    Anyone confirm this using a different browser? On this machine I have only IE8.
    Nokia N8-00 (Symbian Belle, NAM RM-596)
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    S/w: ADT v1.4 + S60 5.0 SDK on Win7 x64

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