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    How to pause video on Menu click?


    I want my video paused on Menu click and plpay from the point where it has been stopped.
    Currently whats happening is when i click menu video will be playing in the background.

    Can any one suggest solution.



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    Re: How to pause video on Menu click?

    IMHO, the first thing to do here in the app is to identify as soon as the display has been changed - If in Canvas you can use hideNotify() and if in Form, use isShown() to identify the display chanage and pause the Video using stop() . Once control is back to the MIDlet, you can call start() - If the Player was previously stopped by calling stop or reaching a preset stop time, it will resume playback from where it was previously stopped.

    Here the resources are not released; if you are developing a resource hungry app, you have to plan it accordingly.


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