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Thread: Future of NFC

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    Question Future of NFC

    We developed and publishe an application using the nfc-tech to controll and support guards and other persons in facilitymanaement-context. The App has even been awarded (1. rank at the "Sicherheitsforum Baden-Würtemberg 2009") and some nice customers realy like it.
    Another iso14443-based mobilephone-project would come soon, but informations about that are classified atm.

    Now there are some rumours out there. Our primary used device the 6212 classic is no longer available in germany and our mobile-trader told us the 6216 cl will never be produced.

    I know there are other NFC-capable mobilephones out there, but we would prefer to stick with Nokia as the software already works.

    So I simply want to ask this question : What will be the future of NFC at Nokia, will there be other nfc-capable devices? Are there other markets/nations where 6212 classic or 6216 classic can be obtained?

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    Re: Future of NFC

    As far as I know there will be new devices based on NFC in future where you can adapt your NFC SW

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    Re: Future of NFC

    Hallo pculiar,

    That's true, the Nokia 6216 has oficcialy been canceled. But about a month ago, Nokia announced that "all new smartphones introduced by the company from 2011 will come with NFC" (here). Of course, they quickly backtracked from this statement and explained that only several of their new smartphone models will include NFC technology starting from 2011 (here and here). So it is likely that new Symbian^4 and MeeGo devices will include NFC.

    Here in Austria, I found two sources for the Nokia 6212 (here and here), but both seem to be SIM locked to A1/mobilkom austria.

    Also during the first half of 2011 there will be three important conferences on NFC and mobile phones (NFC Congress 2011, WIMA and Mobile World Congress), which will hopefully reveal the future of Nokia's NFC mobile phones.


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    Re: Future of NFC

    thank you / danke , mahbub && roland, you realy did help me.

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