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    Symbian Partnership Program/ Limitation of Public SDK


    I'm looking for information regarding Symbian Partnership Program. I've seen various threads regarding limitations of Public SDK not being able to

    * Retrieve a device's own number (http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph...n_phone_number)
    * Non-public CTelephony API (http://developer.symbian.org/forum/s...ead.php?t=2208)

    I couldn't find any information regarding these non-public API and how one can sign up for them. Any guidance in this regard would be truly appreciated.


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    Re: Symbian Partnership Program/ Limitation of Public SDK

    AFAIK Symbian Partnership Program is no longer available as it used to be after Symbian Foundation was formed. You can try Nokia API partnering and check if you can get these API's.

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    Re: Symbian Partnership Program/ Limitation of Public SDK

    See the Support link in the bottom-left region of this page.

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    Re: Symbian Partnership Program/ Limitation of Public SDK

    I suggest asking on the forums of the Symbian Foundation!
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