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    Play a rtsp youtube video in Symbian Video player

    HI i am trying to stream the youtube video in the my own custom video player.

    TBuf<1024> url;
    TRAPD(unsupported, iPlayerUtility->OpenUrlL(url,defaultIAP, mimeTypePtr));

    It give some error code saying -38.

    Please let me know if we have any existing example which stream 3gp videos.

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    Re: Play a rtsp youtube video in Symbian Video player

    check this one: http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.php/Error_codes -38 indicates that your description is bad, so try doubling the / characters to see whether it would work any better.

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    Re: Play a rtsp youtube video in Symbian Video player

    Hi Promod,

    Did you figure out some way to play rtsp stream on Nokia S60??

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