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    Create PIM backup on a remote server

    I'm trying to develop a backup on remote server of PIM details. I wrote an app to read and send contact details of the phone to a remote server via httpconnection. I developed this in sun java WTK 3.0. My app works fine on emulator. Contacts are succesfully transfered and saved to a remote database. But when it is deployed on a mobile devece(Nokia N73, Nokia 6120) , contacts are not transferred succesfully. It is send only one contact. Following is the code i have written;

    while (items.hasMoreElements()) {
    Contact contact = (Contact) items.nextElement();
    //-------Read data-------------

    int telCount = contact.countValues(Contact.TEL);
    int nameCount = contact.countValues(Contact.NAME);

    if( nameCount>0){
    String []names=contact.getStringArray(Contact.NAME, Contact.ATTR_NONE);
    contactName = names[contact.NAME_GIVEN];

    //System.out.println("No name"+ "telcount- "+ telCount +", nameCount"+ nameCount +", Name is" +contact.getString(Contact.FORMATTED_NAME, 0) );
    for (int i = 0; i < telCount; i++){
    int telAttributes = contact.getAttributes(Contact.TEL, i);

    homeNumber=contact.getString(Contact.TEL, i);
    }else if(telAttributes==Contact.ATTR_MOBILE){
    mobileNumber=contact.getString(Contact.TEL, i);
    }else if(telAttributes==Contact.ATTR_FAX){
    faxNumber=contact.getString(Contact.TEL, i);
    System.out.println("Have no given type of contact numbers");


    System.out.println("Have no any type of contact numbers");

    //--------End of reading-------

    System.out.println(contactName +"-->"+mobileNumber);

    String oneEntry=contactName +"-->"+mobileNumber;
    System.out.println("before writing data");


    System.out.println("after writing data");

    I'm new to J2ME and appreciate ur feedback.

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    Re: Create PIM backup on a remote server

    How do you read contacts from PIM and send to Remote server

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