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    save sms/mms Nokia 6700 slide

    I don´t know If I write in right place now.

    I have a new Nokia 6700 slide.

    How do I do if I want to save sms and mms messages to my computer?

    I have USB cabel and I can connect. But where do I find my messages?

    Also need help how to download pictures from the phone.
    When I save pictures from mms messages I can not find them when I connect to the computer???
    (have no problem if I use the cam they I can find them)

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    Re: save sms/mms Nokia 6700 slide

    Pictures are files, while messages are not, that is why you can not find them via browsing the memory card. You can probably access the messages via Nokia PC Suite / Ovi Suite, using PC Suite mode when connecting the USB cable.
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