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    Using Guarana UI and WRT Kit


    I apologize if this may sound weird to some of you, but is it unusual to use both Guarana and WRT Kit?

    I am trying to design an app and started off learning everything from using WRT Kit, but found the available controls somewhat lacking and I experimented with Guarana and found that it has most of the tools I need.

    However, being still very new to both, I got a little bit confused.

    How do I do the transitions between "pages" or rather "views" in Guarana like how I did it in WRTKit? Or am I missing a point here totally?


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    Re: Using Guarana UI and WRT Kit

    Hi Aimevous,

    to manage and switch views in Guarana you should use the ViewManager and View objects. For more infos on how to use it, take a look at the demos shipped within the Guarana bundle.

    As for the WRTKit and Guarana usage in a single widget: I would avoid this, as mixing UI frameworks most of times causes more troubles than benefits (it is to mention that WRTKit is no more maintained, so you would also have no "official" support on it)


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