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    Wink Solution for right to left issues

    Hi All :)

    Here is a solution that might work in many RTL (right to left) situations:

    My problem was that I wanted a right to left label (displaying hebrew/arabic) But First character had to be in English.
    What happened is that the label (same thing happen in All Eik controls) changed the alignment of the text to left to right, just because of that first character (which HAD to be English).

    Solution is (and I am very proud of myself for this finding ;): insert unicode right-to-left direction character before text. _L("\u202B")
    of course this is an invisible character.

    Example for a derived label class:

    class CIchsLabel : public CEikLabel
        void        SetLabelAlignment( TInt alignment );
        void        SetTextL( const TDesC& sourceText );
        bool        iIsRightAligned;
    void CIchsLabel::SetLabelAlignment( TInt alignment )
        iIsRightAligned = alignment == ELayoutAlignRight;
        CEikLabel::SetLabelAlignment( alignment );
    void CIchsLabel::SetTextL( const TDesC& sourceText )
        TBuf<234> text;
        if( iIsRightAligned )
            AknBidiTextUtils::ConvertToVisualAndClip( sourceText, text, *Font(), Rect().Width(),
                                                      Rect().Width(), AknBidiTextUtils::ELeftToRight );
            text.Copy( sourceText );
        text.Copy( sourceText );
        if( iIsRightAligned )
            text.Insert( 0, _L("\u202B") );
        CEikLabel::SetTextL( text );

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    Re: Solution for right to left issues


    seems like this is something you could post into the wiki?
    There it might be more easily found by others looking for the same solution?

    Also to make the solution work on virtually any length labels, you could use something like this:

    _LIT(KRightToLeft, "\u202B");
    HBufC* buf = HBufC::NewLC(sourceText.Length()+5);
    TPtr ptr(buf->Des());
    CleanupStack::PopAndDestroy(); //buf

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    Re: Solution for right to left issues

    Agreed, I also wanted to suggest Rubi.mazaki to create some Wiki article for this nice finding. +1 should be enough, it is a single character (or "+KRightToLeft().Length()" - the "scientific" variant).

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