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    Hi every one ,

    i have a question , what is the difference b/w the abstract class and a interface? i got few answers after googling it , but dint get the basic concept that differentiate b/w these two ?? does all the methods in interface are abstract methods by default???



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    Re: Difference

    Interface contains methods that must be abstract.
    read here.
    Bharath... :)

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    Re: Difference

    Thanks Bharath , for yo useful information..

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    Re: Difference

    An abstract class can contain method implementations (concrete methods), as well as abstract methods. It can also contain definitions of data, such as instance variables. A class my extend an abstract class (just as any other class), but only one. A class cannot inherit from multiple classes (abstract or otherwise).

    All the methods in an interface are public and abstract. A class can implement as many interfaces as you like, but nothing is inherited from an interface, because an interface contains only declarations, it does not define anything.


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