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    Question How to implement the Http Streaming in WRT?

    Hi ,all ^_^

    I wanna use the Http streaming tech in WRT. Here is the link to the info of the tech http://ajaxpatterns.org/HTTP_Streaming.

    I used to try the tech on PC browser such as firefox successfully. But failed to implement it in WRT.

    I press a botton in the browser.In firefox, i can get a stream like this:1,2,3,4,5.......That is ,once you send a request, you can get a stream of responses without exit the request.
    Then I build a WRT using the same tech. I can get only one response when the sever keep pushing the responses to the browser.

    I know that the core of the two browser is different. How can I get the effect as same as firefox?

    hope someone can help me ,thanks!
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