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    Exclamation installing qt on windows 7

    while trying to install qt sdk on windows 7
    i download windows 32\64 online it's a 13.4 mb file
    after downloading it it install file onlines but while installing it gives error giving some of file are missings.
    can i get total files download at one place.since installing through online gives error at many times

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    Re: installing qt on windows 7

    You have there Nokia Qt SDK download page, includes the offline version (~900 MB) just select it from the list, and then click on the download button.

    The installer still has some issues, in my case just freeze most of the time before asking for high privileges, but you can retry and it will work (i'm using it on win7 - 64bit)
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    Re: installing qt on windows 7

    after trying many times any how i successfully installed qt on windows 7
    but when i tried to run examples " mingw32-make.exe" exited .
    can any let me know why this error is coming is any other file missing in installation.

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