We have been working with a Qt application for Symbian since December 2009. Since June 23th 2010, when Nokia finally said it was possible to release Qt applications on Ovi Store we have been working with getting our application on to Ovi Store. But no luck so far…

We have submitted our application several times, but it has been rejected every time. Last time because the application doesn't run on a Nokia N97 mini and Nokia X6. We have tried installing and running the application with RDA on these devices and it works perfect for us. Also the application has been fully tested on N97 and Nokia 5800. We have submitted again as we know the application run on these devices but have heard nothing from Nokia at all. Can anyone tell us what to do now?

We are getting really frustrated as we have a great application but can't release it! It feels really stupid that it takes more time to release the application on Ovi Store than the time it takes to actually develop it..

Please, can anyone from Nokia help us out?