Hi All

I've got a mail from Ovi support:
Thank you for being part of the Publish-to-Ovi experience.
During the processing of your bank account, we have noticed that the bank information you have entered for your publisher’s account is incomplete or not up-to-date. As a result, the payment process has been halted until further instruction is provided.

Here is the issue detail:

Please provide us with the necessary bank information by logging into your account and entering the valid details into the required fields. We thank you for your assistance in this matter.
and have a couple questions:
1. what is CHFO? My bank have MF code (6 digits) and SWIFT code (8 chars). Does MF == CHFO? Google have no any idea about this CHFO (I dont think its an chemical formula or chineese foot massage ).
2. Where to enter this CHFO? There is only one field more or less looks like that key field: Bank code. Is the field right place for the CHFO code? Thanks