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    audio file formats on 3650

    The Nokia 3650 is supposed to support .wav files ,which can be uploaded to the phone and used as a ringtone.I have converted audio files to .wav using different software such as Musicmatch Jukebox.

    I've sent the file to my 3650 via Bluetooth and when I try and open it I get the message 'format not supported'. What files ARE definately supported by the 3650 and how else can I convert them?

    I don't know if PC Suite does it for me as I can't get PC Suite to recognise the connection with my 3650,and I've already tried all the suggestions suggested on a more relevant thread.I cannot send the music file through PC Suite because of this but can through my Bluetooth USB adaptor software.

    If I could get the files to run on the 3650 then I wouldn't even need PC Suite.Any help would be greatly appreciated as i'm seriously fed-up with this to put it mildly.

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    Nokia 3650 supports the following audio types:
    - audio/basic (*.au)
    - audio/amr (*.amr)
    - audio/midi (*.mid)
    - audio/sp-midi (*.mid)
    - audio/x-wav (*.wav)
    - audio/x-epoc-wve (*.wve)
    - application/vnd.nokia.ringing-tone (*.rng)

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    Try reading Nokia's excellent white papers on this subject
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