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    flash mobile 3.1 problem with nokia5800

    Ive created an application in FLASH LITE 3.1
    when I upload it in a .sis form to NOKIA N85 everything works fine
    But when I upload it to NOKIA 5800
    The TOUCHSCREEN does not work.

    I tried to download another SIS file (of Sudoku for that matter ..) that someone else created
    I brought it to 5800 and TOUCHSCREEN worked fine (ie the problem is not the Flash Player)
    I took the SWF of Sudoku and created a new .sis using HELISSO.
    uploaded to the 5800
    Here again, the problem repeated itself.
    In the DEVICE CENTRAL EMULATOR everything works fine .. but not on the device itself

    The only difference between the emuator and the device is that when I check the property

    Emulator returns = TRUE
    Cell phone, returns = FALSE

    what can It be caused by ?


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    Re: flash mobile 3.1 problem with nokia5800

    Strange problem. Try two things :
    1- Send the swf file to your phone 5800 and checkout whether it works fine on device or not. if it works fine then goto step 2.
    2- Try using online flash lite packager instead :
    SIS Pack
    Hope it helps..If error still exists then let us know .

    Best Regards,

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    Re: flash mobile 3.1 problem with nokia5800

    just catch stylus and keys, and not verify ...

    I mean you make your app works with keys and touches at the same time... don't look into System.capabilities.hasStylus to put code for touch or key... just put the code for key and touch alltogeter...

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