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    Post char to QString?

    Dear all,

    how to convert char string in to QString?


    char name[20] = "Hello program";

    how to convert the above char to QString?

    bcoz i want to display that into my Listwidget?

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    Re: char to QString?

    You could call:

    QString result = QString::fromAscii(name, 20);

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    Re: char to QString?

    But better you use constructor directly
    QString result(name);

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    Re: char to QString?

    Of course, you shouldn't say char name[20] = "Hello program", you should say char name[] = "Hello program" and let the compiler supply the length.

    Then omit the length if you use fromAscii(). The string will have been null-terminated by the compiler and so there's no need to specify length (and risk problems if you change the text in the future).

    Of course, the simplest, most straight-forward way to do what you want is to say:

    QString result = "Hello program";

    (You may have noticed that Qt can be cranky about when/how literal strings are converted to QString. This is unfortunately a "fact of life" with Qt, being, as it is, a layer on a layer on a layer. Your best advice is to learn two or three reliable constructs for converting strings and use those for most of your work, only resorting to more exotic constructs for special cases.)

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    Re: char to QString?

    You can also use assignment operator of Qstring use to get Char name is new Qstring variable as follows
    QString & QString:perator= ( const char * str )

    for reference see the documentation of Qstring class or just follow link

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