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    App: On SMS receive make a phone call

    Does anybody know if there's an app available that can make a call on sms reception?

    What i'd like is that if someone sends an sms to an Nokia E71 it verifies the senders phonenumber and take action according to the (predefined) text in that sms. The action is to call a (predefined) phone number.

    user1 sends SMS : "ARB01"

    Nokia E71 verifies user1's phonenumber in a list of phonenumbers that are allowed to initiate the action
    When user1 is verified the E71 calls the phonebookentry for ARB01 by it self.
    The phonenumber to call is an number to initiate a call divert. Here in The Netherlands we call *21<phonenumber> to do so.

    App should autostart

    Hope on responds and with regards,


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    Re: App: On SMS receive make a phone call

    There are two examples from FN Wiki on catching SMS using Qt Mobility Messaging API. Quality of code is arguable, but you can get an idea
    AFAIK, there is no way to initiate phone call using Qt Mobility.

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