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    Publishing FlashLite app for S40 and S60


    I have developed FlashLite game and wishing to publish it on OVI Store. I have two questions regarding publishing the app to OVI:
    1. The application is compatible to all nokia devices supporting FlashLite1.1 and above. These devices include some from S40 and others from S60 platform. Also OVI needs .nfl for S40 and .SIS for S60, how can I publish the same app for all devices, irrespect of platform?
    2. Also some devices ships with FlashLite1.1 preinstalled. In case the device does not have FlashLite1.1 installed how can I ask user to download the FlashLite1.1 player?

    Thanking in advance!

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    Re: Publishing FlashLite app for S40 and S60

    Dear sangramp@cybage.com,

    Please package your file into 2 different files, NFL and SIS. You can create 2 content items in Ovi Publish, one for the NFL file and Series 40 devices, the other one for the SIS file and Series 60 devices.

    For devices that do not have FlashLite 1.1, you should not include them in your distribution list, as the content would not function properly on them. For devices that have lower versions, you could add a disclaimer in your content description that an update may be needed.

    If you need further clarification, please feel free to contact us at publishtoovi.support@nokia.com

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