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    Qt + Symbian^3 surfaces

    Nokia Symbian^3 SDK v0.8
    Qt 4.6.3

    I'd like my Qt app to render video using surfaces. I get RWindow for the top-most widget (main screen) and bind it with a surface created. Video is rendered fine in extent set earlier in surface configuration, but the problem is that all QWidget-s are then no longer visible in main screen. I end up with a video frame and the whole area outside the frame is plain white

    The question is: are QWidgets and surface supposed to work together (in terms of UI content being rendered) within a single RWindow? If that is the case - what coud I be doing wrong?

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    Re: Qt + Symbian^3 surfaces

    RWindow is the Symbian C++ window. Qt windows/widgets and Symbian windows/widgets are NOT supposed to work together. You get what you get, and you risk the possibility of failure at a later date.

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    Re: Qt + Symbian^3 surfaces

    Well, that would mean that you basically can't take advantage of surfaces feature in Qt applications...

    There are 'native widgets' in Qt which actually have native windows (RWindow) associated with them, so since I need video frame placed next to QWidgets in my screen I tried to create an additional native QWidget (as a placeholder where video frames would be displayed) and bind its RWindow with surface. It does not work either - video is rendered fine, but QWidgets are not visible.

    Mixing RWindows and QWidgets sounds extremely ugly (since we are talking about 2 completely different levels of abstraction) and it is. Ideally I shouldn't even try to put my hands on RWindow at Qt level, but Qt does not seem to support surfaces in any way (???), so I'm trying to figure out workaround, hack, whatever...

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