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    Standard wait screen overlay for Symbian Devices?

    I'm still quite new to the QT for symbian devices so this may be an obvious one that I'm not aware of.

    On many mobile devices or even on desktop operating systems we have a standard icon / overlay to let the user know that the application is processing data so the user will wait for a new screen to load or data to show up. On Windows 95/XP days the mouse would turn into a hour glass and on iPhone they have the spinning circle.

    Is there a standard spinning logo that I can display for the user when I'm doing a query for results that I can display either as a overlay or inside the window as a widget that's standard for Symbian devices? From what little I read most of the QT Mobility SDK dealt with backend aspects (accessing accelormeter, location services, etc...) and nothing that deals with a consistent UI experience. Like I said I've just started looking so if there is a whole set of stand QT Symbian UI widgets, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I'm very much interested in giving a consistent end user experience.

    Thanks in advance! Any help is appreciated.

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    Re: Standard wait screen overlay for Symbian Devices?

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    Re: Standard wait screen overlay for Symbian Devices?

    But that allows me to overlay (on startup but I'm sure I could display it any time) a personal wait screen. I'm looking for a standard one that's used across all apps on Symbian devices.

    Here's a few standard ones.


    If I displayed my own wait cursor -- which isn't a problem -- it doesn't really deliver a unified user experience for all apps across Symbian. I guess there's no universal UI framework for QT for Symbian. In which case that's fine.

    Thanks for the reply!

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