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    facing problem while installing and invoking an application

    Hello friends,

    I am using an application which involves lots of arithmetic calculations,a third party api(i.e LWUIT 1.3) and use of forms.
    This application is running fine on windows mobile 6.5 with JBlend JVM, but fails to run on nokia 5233 after installation.
    I have few questions.i would appreciate if someone could help me
    I am using cldc 1.1 and midp 2.0

    1)what is the memory limitation of java application on this device as well as on other nokia devices.
    2)is there any limitation if i try to install obfuscated jar file
    3)how much memory is allocated to jvm at startup to run a java application
    4)how to find out that how much memory is being consumed or free(I have come to know that Runtime and wtk memory monitor do not show correct info)

    I am new to this j2me development and any information would be of great help

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    Re: facing problem while installing and invoking an application

    Actually it's a S60 5th edition device, which should mean it has no specific heap size while running a j2me app. It has a dinamic heap size : so when more memory is needed more memory will be allocated...
    It also doesn't have a specific JAR size limitation...
    I can't find the specifics of that device, but I did find the 5230 which (acording to reviews of the 5233) is very very similar :
    Note: please don't send private questions to me, as I don't have time to provide private support. All such questions should be posted on public forums, where I and others can see and answer them.

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