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    Using the various components of Guarana together in Views


    I have just started using the Guarana UI and I spent the past 2 days trying to understand how to use the View and ViewManager components.

    Adding simple html text and images is easy but how do I integrate the other components in?

    Its like I have:

    var loadTabs = function () { /* code to use the Tabs component */ };
    var loadList = function () { /* code to use the Transition List */};
    These 2 functions work well when used on their own (what I want appears on screen). So I wanted to integrate them together by using the Views component.

    So what I did was basically copied the JS code from the Views demo html file and changed the contents of the FirstView to

    var FirstView = Nokia.View.extend({
    			init: function() {},
    			renderUI: function() {
    				loadList;		// Am I doing this wrongly?		
    			bindUI: function() {},
    			syncUI: function() {},
    			show: function(){this.getContainer().show();}
    And similarly for SecondView. (I dont have a third view, just wanted to test the tabs to transitionlist view)
    The rest of the code is copied from the demo.

    and then I try to initiate everything with

    Nokia.use('viewmanager','transitionlist','tabs', loadView);
    where loadView is the function that stores the above Views code.

    Not sure if I stated enough info here, but I was trying to keep the post short.. I would appreciate any help and be glad to furnish more code/info if anyone can help!

    If you can, kindly advise where I should put the relevant codes!

    Thanks a million!
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    Re: Using the various components of Guarana together in Views

    Hi Aimevous,

    it seems you're missing the parentheses when calling the loadList function, in the renderUI method. So it should look like:
    renderUI: function() {
    Apart from this, are you calling the loadTabs() function somewhere else? (cannot see it in your code)


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