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Thread: libc problem

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    Lightbulb libc problem

    hi all
    i am using s60 3rd edition fp1 and installing openc plug-in, carbide 2.3.0, two devices E51 and E63,

    when i include LIBRARY libc.lib and compile my program will compiled and install on device but could not run, I am also try to copy libc.lib on device then try but still result is same, (the purpose of using libc is using snprintf() function.)

    whan i exclude libc.lib and comment snprintf() function program will compiled and install in device and run..

    my requirement is to use snprintf() function in my project.. i use snprintf() in some different way to some open source .c and .h files, but the result is not my acceptant, ,

    I could not find out the problem with this library ?
    on s60


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    Re: libc problem

    In case of OpenC/C++, remember to install the runtime to the device (as a minimum, pips_s60_1_6_SS.sis). Otherwise make sure that you have enabled the error messages, "could not run" is just not detailed enough.

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