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    Exclamation Is there a way to "edit" and "save" the "texts" of received SMS messages?

    I want to know wether there is a program or tool to make changes on the "received" SMS messages, edit them and save. Any device or model name that has this type of built-in feature is applicable too.
    Indeed thanx for any help.

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    Re: Is there a way to "edit" and "save" the "texts" of received SMS messages?

    You can ask around on http://www.nokia.com/discussions and/or check http://www.ovi.com if such application exist already.
    The scope of Forum Nokia is providing support for software developers. From this point of view, yes, it is possible to create such application for Symbian (S60) and Maemo devices.

    EDIT: moved to a better location.

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