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    Call another class from a Midlet Class


    I am not sure if I can post this here.

    I have a midlet class file, which has two text fields.
    I take these values from simulator, then try to pass these
    values as string to another class. At this point I am getting NULLPOINTEREXCEPTION on CommandAction.

    n = name.getString();
    c = company.getString();
    handleSave.saveEntry(n.toString(), c.toString());


    saveEntry(String s1, String s2) exists in another class in the same package. Error throws when the
    control comes to this line of statement. Not any hyper error. Its just NULL Pointer exception.

    Is there anything I am missing..?

    I can post the two class files if somebody can really help me out.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Call another class from a Midlet Class

    Welcome to Forum Nokia Discussion Board!
    Cut Paste more of your code here.

    Is handleSave null here ? Where is this object instantiated ?

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