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    Need help please software version V 52.50.2009.13

    hi all, my first post here as am in need of help with my n97

    i bought a n97 online, when i received it i checked my software version and it is V 52.50.2009.13

    when i try to update the software with nokia software updater it say i have the most resent version!

    i am also finding problems whenever trying to install any application always says unable to install

    how can i flash to the latest sw version please?

    many thanks

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    Re: Need help please software version V 52.50.2009.13

    That version number is a bit suspicious, N97 firmware version has a different structure, like 22.0.110 or 22.1.112 (actually these are the current versions as I know, the second one is for the Chinese model, RM-506)
    These kinds of questions are discussed on http://www.nokia.com/discussions, Forum Nokia is about support for software developers.

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