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    convert string into image

    byte imageData[];
    String filestring= imageData.toString();
    When I print filestring it prints value like this "[B@d590dbc". Can this value be converted back into image?

    Or can I convert string of ByteArrayOutputStream into image?

    How do I do that?


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    Re: convert string into image

    You cannot convert the string data back to image like this, neither ByteArrayOutputStream will help.
    If the purpose is to transfer this image over internet or store in file system for later use... try to convert it in to PNG format like this --- http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph...ing_in_Java_ME

    and then send it over to the other end, when you can again use createImage() to get it back.

    Or use Image.getRGB() to get a Int array from the image object and then use Image.createRGBImage(int[] rgb, int width, int height, boolean processAlpha) to recreate it.

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    Re: convert string into image

    If you're looking for a textual representation of a byte[] (that could be transmitted by email, for example), then you'd need to implement a BASE64 encoder and decoder. Google will find you the specification for this format.

    If you want to understand what "[B@d590dbc" means, then read the specification for Object.toString() in the JavaDocs. It is not a representation of the entire object..


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