I am facing problem when tries to compile QT headers of this sdk with GCCXML compiler .

As QT headers internally requires symbian headers, i have provided symbian headers as dependency.

I faced this problem with only Nokia forum QT sdk. But when I tried to compile QT headers present in Nokia internal Rnd sdks, they are succeeding without any issue.

And there is no difference in QT header content compare to rnd sdk.

the error what i get for form QT sdk is

"d:/nokia_qt_sdk/symbian/sdk/epoc32/include/stdapis/stlport/stl/_new.h:146: error: declaration
of `void operator delete(void*) throw ()' throws different exceptions
d:/nokia_qt_sdk/symbian/sdk/epoc32/include/e32cmn.h:6178: error: than previous
declaration `void operator delete(void*)'"

I have few question :
1) Is the Symbian part of this forum QT sdk is of s60 version 5.0 or SYmbian^1 ?
I have checked the Symbian part of this SDK, it completely resembles with Symbian 5.0 or Symbian1 version.

2) As Symbian^1 version has some problem in openC headers (mainly stlport part) with GCCXMML , so this same problem came to me earlier too, when I tried with Nokia internal 5.0 sdk.

In order to compile QT headers successfully with GCCXML , I feel the Symbian part should be upgraded to Symbian^3 or solve those stlport issues.

I have copied the QT headers part from this forum sdk to nokia internal rnd sdk and compiled. No issues found. So definitely problem lays to symbian part of this forum sdk.

Please let me know the solution or give the further communication mail IDs.

I am working in Nokia (Nokia smart phones \ Static analysis tool) .