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    Cannot Initiate Push

    Posted by Ariel Yaloz, arielyz@celltrex.com
    on January 31, 2002 at 16:36

    I have recently installed the Nokia Activ server and the Nokia Activ Alert packages. I'm trying to push a message to the Nokia simulator. I'm using the Nokia wap tool kit v3.0 and the active server v2.1. When trying to send a push message using the GUI push initiator, I get the following error: "The PGW has returned the following error: PGW is not accepting code=3000".
    I've got the UDP traffic broker up and running, these are it's settings:
    Nokia UDP bearer adapter
    Bearer response size is not limited.
    Not sending WCMP messages.
    Push functionality is enabled.
    Bearer address:
    Valid prefixes:

    Network types:
    Type number: Network type: Bearer type: Address type:
    0 Any Any IPv4

    Bearer Properties:

    WDP_D_TIME_MPL: 10


    WDP_D_CAS_CACHE_T: 100


    Log all incoming and outgoing traffic
    LOG_DEBUG: 1
    Enable or disable debug info

    I got the push subsystem up and running. But from some reason, I cannot start the Accepting/Sending/Request Hold On from it's configuration tab. I get the following error "Cannot start corresponding queue in PS_001. Check that push functionality is allowed. Error when changing queue state!".
    I have also got the Push functionality enabled in the UDP bearer. I have set the bearer address to the address of my local host, and enabled all prefixes. Any ideas? Help!

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    RE: Cannot Initiate Push

    Posted by Nicodemus Chan, nicodemus@davidaslan.com
    on March 04, 2002 at 21:46

    Try creating a push connector.
    "Push Subsystems"-->"my subsystem"-->Configuration tab-->Create button.

    Then restart your activ server.

    Try also allow push functionality:
    "traffic broker"--"My Traffic Broker"-->UDP-->Push Tab-->check the "push functionality allowed" checkbox.

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