Hi there,

Hope this is the right place for my problem.

I´m currently working on a java program to use a Nokia 2700 Classic being connected to a pc using Bluetooth´s SPP. I´ve been able to send SMS so the connection between the pc and the mobile is not a problem.

I´m currently developing a program that using the phone´s CSD capabilites should connect to a remote modem ( a modem connected to a PV plant meter ). Situation right now is that I order the modem to do an ATDnnnnnnnnn (where nnnnnnnn is the remote modem phone number) and create a data-call ... after a few seconds i get back a "CONNECT 9600" which I understand means the connection was successfull. The problem is that the remote modem doesn´t seem to be receiving any further commands. I´ve tried to activate the echo command to see if my commands are reaching but no response. Whatever I put nothing happens ... so to me looks like the connection is open but my mobile is not sending anything to the other one. If I hang the phone then I get the "NO CARRIER" signal, and I get back to the command mode of my modem.

I´ve seen somewhere else in these forums I should do a "AT+CBST=71" ( a solution for a Nokia 2730 ) before the ATD command... but nothing happened either.

I´ve made these tests also using my Windows XP Hyperterminal tool, with the same results. Also tried with different remote modems, same results always... that´s why I think the problem is on my side.

Can anyone help or give ideas ?

Many thanks in advance.