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    Reading text files, J2ME

    Hi all

    I am reading a text file from my device memory card line by line. How can I display the read text on the device screen using an Alert INFO message? Please can anyone help me with some example code??

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    Re: Reading text files, J2ME

    Create a text box on a Form and then keep on adding the text read from the fileconnection to this form -- read the File in soome background thread.
    Doing it will Alerts will be blocking and not of much use.

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    Re: Reading text files, J2ME

    Thanks for the advice ekta. I now have another problem. I use a visual Midlet to for my user interface. I have no problem writing the users input to a text file on a Nokia 5800's memory card. But since i've start to try and read the same text file back into my app, I keep getting the following error at startup of the app: DOM org.w3c.dom.domexception, not a child of this node and then the app closes itself. And then at other times the app goes through to start. Do you have any adivce on what is causing this error and how I can solve the problem??? Please its urgent.

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