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    Can't run flashlite sisx on mass memory

    I'm just starting learning how to program flashlite for my e72 device. I written a very simple code that will display "hello world" and "exit" button to close the flashlite sisx. I try installing my sisx on mass memory. It has no problem installing it. But I try running it, it just simply close the application within second. I try installing on phone memory, it run without any problem. I checked the *.pkg and it using "!:\.." but yet I can run it on mass memory. Is this one of the limitation of flashlite or I'm missing something? I'm using Carbide C/C++ to convert swf to sisx and building with GCCE rather than ARMV5 due to compiler error when using ARMV5

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    Re: Can't run flashlite sisx on mass memory

    Hi roungchen,

    Thats a very much known issue. I wrote down a fix few months back :
    Moreover, make sure that what is ur swf path in your cpp code? Is the path is automatically get complete with the drive letter or you are providing a fixed C: drive letter there ?. Because if the path is fixed in Flash Lite stub code to C: then it can cause this issue.
    Hope it helps...

    Best Regards,
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    Re: Can't run flashlite sisx on mass memory

    Hi sajisoft,

    It works now after using your code. It took me awhile to me to figure where to put it since I'm not familiar with the coding. It seems that latest version of the Carbide C/C++ has some structure change on the .cpp file it generate. I basically just need to insert part of your code inside the function CApaDocument* CstubApplication::CreateDocumentL(). I guess that I will have insert code everytime I create a new application. I will just need to remember to insert that code. Anyways, thanks for the fixed


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    Re: Can't run flashlite sisx on mass memory

    How come I don't have this problem?
    Does the .sisx need to have some special permissions to fail or what ?
    Or is it fixed in latest carbide ?
    It's not good to have a common problem and not been able to reproduce it because other people downloading apps could get the error..

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    Re: Can't run flashlite sisx on mass memory

    it works for me thank saji

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