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    Smile Plz help!! Deadlock issue!!


    Can anyone help me in the problem I face

    Currently i face the LWUIT deadlock problem. I.e., when i post a request to the server and to show the user that the request is being sent to the server i show a preloader box which inherits the Dialog class and is MODAL since i dont want the user to use any navigation keys. After the server returns a valid result the dialog is disposed without any problems. But in turn if the data sent to the server has any problems with the data sent then the server will send a message "incorrect data" which is inturn shown as a error box (Also a class inheriting Dialog and is MODAL). This error box has setAutoDispose to true. The first time it is okay i am able to dispose the error box too. But if it happens for the second time then there is a deadlock situation. I am sure i am disposing the PreloaderBox and ErrorBox correctly. But still dont know what could be the problem. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: Plz help!! Deadlock issue!!

    Replace LWUIT Dialog by your own LWUIT Form, give it the look & feel of dialog - add transparency - add commands which you need - dispose manually when you are done. LWUIT Dialog has some memory leaks also this way you will avoid such memory issues as well.

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