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    Question WRT platform services not running on N97 mini

    Hi Forum experts,

    I have a N97mini device whose software details are as follows,

    Type: RM-553
    Software Version: 11.2.102
    Software Version Date: 2/1/2010
    Custom Version:
    Custom Version Date: 3/17/2010

    I have deployed a WRT application on this device. In this application I m making use of the Platform Services device object to get the IMEI of the device. I m not getting the service object.
    I have read that all 5th edition devices support WRT version 1.1 n above. Is my device software supporting WRT 1.0?

    Is there any documentation from Nokia where I could know the WRT version that a particular software version supports?
    Any pointers regarding this will be helpful ..

    Thanks and regards,

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    Re: WRT platform services not running on N97 mini

    Hi Amar,

    N97 mini device actually supports WRT 1.1 (and so Platform Services). Are you able to reproduce your issue in a simple test widget, so that it'll be possible to check and test it?


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    Re: WRT platform services not running on N97 mini

    hi Amar,
    I've got the same issue before, what you need to do is uninstall the old 1.0 sis from your handset and install the 2.0 one, and id you want you can reference the js Platform Service on the fly as part of your WRT app.
    go to the link here http://www.forum.nokia.com/Library/T...form_Services/ and download it, make a js reference on the top of your page it will be running well.


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