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    Clarification on ViewsManager Demo

    Can anyone kindly explain to me what does the following code from the viewmanager demo of the GuaranaUI do?

    From var SecondView:

    callAjax: function(callback) {
    // AJAX

    if (callback) {
    callback.apply(this, ['json']);

    show: function() {

    this.callAjax(function(response) {

    More specifically, what is the ajax part doing?

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    Re: Clarification on ViewsManager Demo

    Hi Aimevous,

    the callAjax function is just a mockup function that shows how a remote (Ajax) call can be implemented and tied to a callback in order to display the view container.

    The mockup function doesn't actually implement this feature, and just calls the 'callback' function, but can be easily modified to implement the whole functionality.


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