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    MIME type handling in WRT

    I am developing a cloud based WRT application. I need to get the files from cloud using GET api of my provider and when i use it i need to open the appropriate application.

    Eg: When i use GET on the txt file, i need to open Notes application in mobile. All i have is REST API (URL) and the MIME type associated with the file. Is it possible to do it ?

    I tried widget.openurl with my REST API and it re-directed the request to browser. Browser application opened but nothing after that.

    I tried Service.AppManager and set criteria.Document.DocumentPath = URL and it said "Document key type mismatch. Values more than expected length". I think it will work when the DocumentPath is referring to local path.

    Please help !!!

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    Re: MIME type handling in WRT

    I tried "window.location = URL" and it didn't work out. If it run the same code in aptana emulator it prompts the user to save the file (windows dialog). But the same code in device is not working. Is it possible to download the file via WRT ?

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    Re: MIME type handling in WRT

    Hi vinothg,

    not sure if this is feasible, as it highly depends on the MIME types' associations on S60 devices (and I have not a comprehensive list of these). Anyway, do you have a list of MIME types (and related applications) you wish to use?


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