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    Creating package

    If want to install a MIDlet into a device, I have to package that MIDlet as .jar & .jad files? Is that right?

    I can do that (choosing Mobile tools for Java->Create Package)
    Is there any other ways?

    When I do like that,
    the question of "Package All Configurations?" appear.
    What is the meaning of that question?

    Although it ask me like that, When I see the jad file after creating a package, it is not showing the version of CLDC and MIDP of the devices.

    Please help me.

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    Re: Creating package

    Hi komomo,

    You can create the jar and jad file by using any of the IDE's like Netbeans or Eclips or your own ant script . What is your development environment ? Which IDE are you using ? It will be very easy with the Netbeans IDE , Just you need to do the build of your project then it will create the jar and jad files.

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    Re: Creating package

    To add: Have a look at this Wiki article http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph...rld_in_Java_ME , it does have further hyperlinks, which could help you to get started.


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