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    Qt environment using binaries on Windows - a guide


    I have helped author a guide on setting up a development environment for Qt on Symbian using separate binaries (rather than the Nokia Qt SDK). The Nokia Qt SDK is the recommended environment, however if you wish to use separate binaries, then this guide may be useful.

    A page has been created on the Symbian Foundation wiki to host the guide: http://developer.symbian.org/wiki/in...ies_on_Windows

    Please send any comments / suggestions to jack.wootton@accenture.com

    Many thanks,

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    Re: Qt environment using binaries on Windows - a guide

    Very useful guide
    You have created Wiki but since it is PDF, community cannot modify it to keep inline with new changes. It is much useful if you have the doc in WIki format.

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    Re: Qt environment using binaries on Windows - a guide


    I agree, a wiki page would be more useful - a suggestion also made by Ivanl at te Symbian Foundation (http://developer.symbian.org/forum/s...ead.php?t=7290). I will look into creating a proper Wiki page on the Symbian Foundation's wiki. The only reason to not do this being the Nokia Qt SDK will, at some point, totally replace the method detailed in the guide. For now though the guide still remains useful to some developers. On balance though I think you're right, creating a Wiki would still remain beneficial.

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