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    Phonon::Mediasource and QBuffer

    Hello ,
    So i am trying to use a QBuffer as a mediasource for Phonon::mediaObject.
       QFile file("c:\\data\\images\\123.mp3");
        QByteArray array =file.read(512*1024);
        QBuffer* buffer = new QBuffer(&array);
        mediaObject->setCurrentSource( Phonon::MediaSource(buffer));
    But at mediaObject->setCurrentSource there is an error that says media type could not be determined.
    Does anyone have a suggestion as to why this is happening.
    if i replace the source with ( QString file) , it starts playing fine.

    Are there code samples using Qbuffer as source?


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    Re: Phonon::Mediasource and QBuffer

    Never mind

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    Re: Phonon::Mediasource and QBuffer

    AFAIK, the Phonon can only use files on the file system, and not files stored in a buffer or in a resource.

    This limitation exists on most platforms...
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