inside a c++ application (game):

what is the recommended way of keeping the display from going dark when there is no user input for a longer time?

is it possible to disable the screensaver and auto-backlight-off options using the api? do i have to send EHotKeyBacklightOn every few seconds?

and how exactly is this EHotKeyBacklightOn supposed to be used? because something like this doesn't work:

TKeyEvent fakeBacklight;
fakeBacklight.iCode = EKeyBacklightOn;
fakeBacklight.iModifiers = 0;
fakeBacklight.iRepeats = 0;
fakeBacklight.iScanCode = EStdKeyBacklightOn;
iSessionHandle->SimulateKeyEvent( fakeBacklight );

with iSessionHandle being a RWsSession. is it important what session object is referenced? Or should CEikonEnv::Static( )->WsSession( ) do?