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    Question QML State onload

    Hi there

    I'm having a problem getting a transition to execute in QML once the page has been loaded.

    Its very simple, just a bit of text that comes from the right and to the left when the app is launched.

    I am able to do this by a mouseEvent trigger but not something like an "onload()".

    Does anyone know of a way in which I can change the state of a component on load?

                    states : State {
                        name: "enter"
                        //when: mouse.pressed == true // Works fine
                        when: window.onload() // Doesn't seem to work
                        PropertyChanges { target: allText; x: 100 }

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    Re: QML State onload

    QML is not officially released, please forward your questions about QML to a developers mailing list:

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    Re: QML State onload

    Ok will do, thx!

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