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    WRT S40 and Geo-location


    i'd like to ask if WRT is Supporting Symbian S40 Series for mobiles like (2730 C, 3110 C, .....)
    and can i create a WRT App for fetch the user location and sending it to the server within a frequency.
    and also sending a notifications to the user through http push.

    Best Regards,
    Shenouda Bertel

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    Re: WRT S40 and Geo-location

    Hi Shenouda,

    welcome to Forum Nokia Discussion Boards!

    Currently S40 devices do not support WRT, so you have to stick to another technology (e.g.: Java or Flash Lite).


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    Re: WRT S40 and Geo-location

    Thanks Alessandro, for your answer.

    How about creating those within Java for mobile like 2730. i will send you mail regarding that.

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