This weekend I tried using Forum.Nokia discussion with my N95 & Opera Mobile (in mobile mode) and found Forum Nokia completely unusable: way too heavy and too cluttered with menus and other things -- posts get hidden in all the secondary stuff. Of course, using the native N95 browser it would have been much worse.

It sort of seems tragic that the mobile user experience is so lacking on a Nokia site.

Lately, quite many sites have launched mobile versions of them. It should be obvious that Forum Nokia should have a mobile interface, but apparently it does not. Also, having an API and example UI's, perhaps implemented among others in Python, would showcase the potential of efficient usage of Web with modern phones.

(PS. As a matter of fact, the PC user experince is not so great either: plenty of clutter, selectible icons on the right and below of this field I'm typing in. A funny orphaned pair of FF and FB arrows.... I'm told that "You may post new threads" while I'm posting one, plenty of possibilities for tidying the page... )