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    Question Question about the avatar's color

    Developer's avatar is displayed on the discussion board.
    I can see that many people have default avatar because they didn't upload their picture.
    Some people have yellow default avatar, and someone have blue or gray or red.
    I can't find any description about the difference between these colors.
    In my case, gray default avatar is shown as you can see on the left side.
    Would you tell me the difference?
    It's not critical but I'm just wondering.

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    Re: Question about the avatar's color

    The color comes from the 'role' you set in your profile ("My Account" in the top-right corner, then bottom of the page), check the underscores of Design, Develop and Distribute above - the gray is for 'Other'.

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    Re: Question about the avatar's color

    Hi, isaysay

    One more thing I want to say that you can upload your own choice avatar, by making your profile Public from Private.
    Go to privacy and profile preview , and make your profile Public.


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