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Thread: ovi problem

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    ovi problem


    i am from the netherlands and i have an nokia n82.
    i wanna buy a theme on ovi store.
    but i can only buy this theme with my creditcard and i don´t want that.
    i wanna buy that theme with my telephone bill.
    can someone tell me how to do that?

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    Re: ovi problem

    Whether it is possible or not, depends on which network operators Nokia has agreements with in the Netherlands, and whether you have a SIM card from one of those operators.

    This blog article http://mobileperry.com/?p=263#more-263 seems to indicate that a SIM card from KPN, T-Mobile, Telfort, Vodafone or Tele2 (5) should work. I don't know if it'll work with both prepaid and postpaid SIM cards, or just postpaid.

    Also, Ovi Store user/usage problems are best handled here (rather than this forum): http://discussions.europe.nokia.com/...e-and/bd-p/ovi

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    Re: ovi problem

    I have a simcard from T-Mobile one postpaid an one prepaid on both i can only pay with my creditcard.
    but not with my phone bill.

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