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    QFileDialog and autocompletion...

    Here is the problem: when using a QFileDialog in save mode, whenever i start typing a filename that already exists in the folder, the text input form in my Nokia 5800 closes to let me choose one of the matching files... making it impossible to finish typing my new filename!

    i have the files "experiment.txt, express.txt and locate.txt" in the folder. As soon as i type in "exp", the input form closes and i can choose between "experiment.txt" and "express.txt".... but there is NO WAY i can type in, for example, "experienced.txt"....

    Is there a workaround or shall i open a bug? (qt 4.6.3, nokia SDK 1.0)

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    Re: QFileDialog and autocompletion...

    Open a bug. There are a bunch of bugs in Symbian Qt input methods, and they need to get fixed. Keep filing bug reports and maybe there will be some attention paid to this.

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