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    Question How to approach Editable Grid

    I am creating an Widget where a user enters input in grid form.
    I want a grid in such a way that one cell in each row is a html control. text box /checkbox /radio/ dropdown anything of that sort. and another one having a caption for the input
    Name - TextBox
    Gender - DropDown or Radio
    City - TextBox

    This is should be in a grid.
    Can anyone please guide in this.

    Thank you,
    Amit Jog

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    Re: How to approach Editable Grid

    Hi Amit,

    welcome to Forum Nokia Discussion Boards.

    Your layout can be implemented by using a <table>, where each row contains 3 cells, each of them containing one of the fields you mentioned (text input field, select field, and another text input field).

    Hope this answers your question,

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