Dear fellow developers,
I participate in a project targeting MIDP 2.0 , CLDC 1.1 devices. We're using LWUIT 1.3 for building UI. So we do our painting on LWUIT graphics. I need to draw with semi-transparent colors. After a little research it seems to me that it is impossible.(?!?)

here is a fragment from javax.microedition.lcdui.Image documentation:
Every pixel within a mutable image is always fully opaque.

Image.isAlphaMutableImageSupported() returns false even on newer devices like Nokia E75 or 5800
Image.createImage( 100, 100).getGraphics().isAlphaSupported() also returns false

I can't seem to get it - is it really impossible to draw semi-transparent pixels?

I've read some info about Seems like it makes it possible, but c'mon - this is "nokia" package. Will it work on Motorola, Samsung devices?

Thank you