I am trying to run the Nokia Series 60 MIDP Concept SDK Beta 0.2 <default> emulator from the command line. I don't want to use the IDE integration (I am using Ant as my IDE ;-).

I tried running the emulator command displayed in the NDS on the command line, I don't get any errors but then again nothing happens.

The command is as follows: C:\Nokia\Devices\Nokia_Series_60_MIDP_Concept_SDK_Beta_0_2\bin\midp -heapsize 8M -classpath C:\Nokia\Devices\Nokia_Series_60_MIDP_Concept_SDK_Beta_0_2\lib\classes.zip;<application JAR filename> -Xdescriptor <application JAD filename> -DcommandPort=1480 -DmirrorPort=1481

Has anyone had sucess running the Series 60 SDK emulator from the command line? Any help would be appreciated.

On another note; I was sucessful getting the 7210 emulator working using the following command line (I don't know what the difference is between the underlying emulator implementations that makes the 7210 emulator work but the Series 60 one not work):
C:\Nokia\Devices\Nokia_7210_MIDP_SDK_v1_0\bin\7210.exe -parent_port 2810 -language English -classpath C:\Nokia\Devices\Nokia_7210_MIDP_SDK_v1_0\lib\classes.zip;<application JAR filename> <application JAD filename>